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Our team has been creating custom solutions for clients for over 35 years. We specialize in "outside-the-box" projects, hence the name, "Unshackled Solutions." Just because "it's always been done that way," doesn't mean it's the only way to do it. Invite our creative team to brainstorm your project with you. Innovation must start early in the project to be beautiful and effective. Lets get started today!

What We Do

Industrial Spaces

fitted out to your specifications

Commercial Buildings

from offices to retail stores

Residential G/C

custom dream homes, & additions

Excellent Customer Service

we take care of our clients

Team Approach

Our network of professionals,
becomes your network of professionals

One-to-One Support

You'll have one point of contact for your project, start to finish.

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Our team is ready to serve you. Reach out to our Production Manager, and lets discuss your project today! Norm will work with you to determine your needs and how our team can best serve you. He'll then coordinate all the moving peices to create a solution to facilitate your growth and expansion.

Norm Madison

Production Manager

Tel ph :+1 (484) 748-0008, option 1

Kelton Construction Division

Unshackled Solutions LLC

PO Box 60, Kelton PA 19346

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